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Tim Congdon joined the UK Independence Party in January 2007, out of despair at the political elite's betrayal of Britain's independence to the European Union. This website began as the campaign website in Tim's 2010 bid for the UKIP leadership. (Tim was runner-up to Nigel Farage, the current party leader.) The website covers both UKIP themes, and wider political and economic issues arising from the UK's membership of the European Union.

Tim Congdon - a short biography

Tim Congdon is one of the UK's most prominent advocates of sound money and free markets. Although most of his career was as an economist in the City of London, he has been a visiting professor at Cardiff Business School and the City University Business School (now Cass Business School). In 2015 he set up the Institute of International Monetary Research (www.mv-pt.org) at the University of Buckingham. His most influential public role was as member of the Treasury Panel of Independent Forecasters (the so-called "wise persons") between 1992 and 1997.


Tim Congdon's latest email

I believe we will be out of the EU by the end of 2019
(17th November 2016)

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Recent emails

Tim Congdon writes occasional e-mails on EU issues to other UKIP members. Press the links below for the most recent of these. If you would like to receive the e-mails, please make contact via timcongdon@btconnect.com

A great result, but it's too early to celebrate
(29th July 2016)

Brexit fears are overblown
(22nd June 2016)

Standpoint article demolishing Brexit argument in Treasury White Paper
(31st May 2016)

Serious flaws in the Treasury's analysis of EU costs
(25th May 2016)

Most of the world is not in the EU
(17th May 2016)

Email to supporters
(15th December 2015)

2015 Cost of the EU Booklet
(7th December 2015)

Email to supporters
(27th August 2015)

By election update, August-December 2014
(9th February 2015)

Note on immigration
(1st December 2014)

The EU's demand for an extra €2.1 billion
(27th October 2014)

David Cameron has not cut the EU budget
(29th September 2014)

By election update August September 2014
(12th September 2014)

The City of London in retreat: the EU's attack on Britain's most successful industry
(12th September 2014)

2014 'Standpoint' (Sept) Camerons Europe
(29th August 2014)

Standing-down from TFA chairmanship
(20th August 2014)

UKIP - Opinion polls vs. local election results 1407
(23rd July 2014)

UKIP Celebration 290614 Huntley
(23rd June 2014)

Russia and the EU
(23rd June 2014)

UKIP Celebration 290614 Huntley
(2nd June 2014)

ERC event invitation, Wednesday 28th May
(7th May 2014)

2014 'Standpoint' (May) Cost of the EU
(7th May 2014)

Email to supporters
(10th April 2014)

Cost of EU membership 1404 - note for UKIP members
(7th April 2014)

Politeia 1403
(10th March 2014)

(3rd March 2014)

UKIP - Opinion polls vs. local election results 1310
(17th October 2013)

UK contributions to the EU
(6th August 2013)

UKIP presentation - Liverpool - July 2013
(8th July 2013)

2013 'Standpoint' (June) Cameron and UKIP
(4th June 2013)

Email to supporters
(3rd May 2013)

Accountancy Age debate on UK economy and leaving the EU - March 2013
(4th April 2013)

Presentation to Skegness Conference
(16th February 2013)

Politeia Single Market and Acquis
(21st January 2013)

'Europe' doesn't work
(7th February 2013)

Demolishing the three million jobs myth
(8th November 2012)

Cost of the EU
(14th September 2012)

How much does the European Union cost Britain?
(23rd July 2012)

The isolation myth.
(26th June 2012)

'3 million jobs' myth.
(2nd April 2012)

Greece is scraping the barrel.
(29th November 2011)

Europe vs. 'the open sea'.
(31st October 2011)

Live Tele-conference.
(21st October 2010)

Live Tele-conference.
(Word version) (21st October 2010)

Tele-conference announcement.
(14th October 2010)

Question Time incident.
(14th October 2010)

The threat to our freedoms... + A letter from Anthony Scholefield.
(8th October 2010)

Notes from International Monetary Research Ltd.
(1st October 2010)

Tim Congdon is good on television
(30th September 2010)

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